About Us

SINCE 1974

Finding Homes

Peter Bird’s Home is a family-run business, operating in the USA. We treat all our birds as part of the family.

We are open 7 days a week including bank holidays.

When you purchase birds from our farm, you can be confident in the care and attention to detail that we ensure during the rearing of our birds.

Courier deliveries running as normal and Same day private deliveries can be arranged any day.

We also gained a qualification, as to look after these parrots in a large quantity is not very easy and requires a lot of knowledge, care, and understanding. We are qualified bird trader based the USA and we are doing bird trading, it’s very difficult to find everything under one roof but you have come to the right place at Peter’s Bird Home
We provide a Guide for first-time bird owners and a Food menu for their birds


Our Mission

Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us—advocates, pet owners, shelters, leaders, and entire communities. When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving lives and elevating our society and its laws to ensure cruelty victims and other at-risk animals receive the protection and care they deserve.

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